Dan Mendoza/Brockton McKinney : Zombie Tramp/ Ehmm Theory

Zombie Tramp/ Ehmm Theory

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Comics & Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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World War Z, Max Brooks, Harry Harrison, Jonathan Hickman

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32 pages


Action Lab Entertainment

Publication Date

May 3, 2014



About the Book   

Are you bold enough to take a ride with Janey, the Zombie Tramp?!? If you pick her up,

she might just share the story of how she came to be the street walking dead!! Be brave so you can be ready for her all new series following this special issue! You also get a mind shattering sneak preview from the second volume of the coolest comic series you haven’t read yet… Ehmm Theory! Dan Mendoza (W/A/CA), Brockton McKinney (W), Larkin Ford (A)

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