Zoe Dawson : Monster Man

Monster Man

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Romantic Comedy, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Erotica, Small Town Romance

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Blue Moon Creative

Publication Date

October 12, 2014



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Series Overview:

Three football players and three erotic stories to tantalize you. One is forbidden, one likes to show-off and the third knows how to do a sexy negotiation.

Monster Man

Community relations assistant director, Catherine "Cat" Everhart fantasizes about #66 Shane Bishop, The San Diego Wildcat's strong safety, a monster of a man, but the no fraternizing policy dictates she keep her distance. It isn't until the company's Halloween party fundraiser that their desire explodes it's tight bonds.

This book is for mature audiences only. Romantic Erotica

Editorial Reviews

"I absolutely love it, the story telling was good and I can't wait to read another of Zoe Dawson book. I so didn't want it to end. So if you get the chance check it out." Lenobia Rodgers

"Loved this quick little read. Hot and sexy with a swoon worthy monster of a hero. Cat and Shane tore it up nicely." B. L. Noble

"Need a quick read to make your day Smexy Sexy ... Then this read is for you. A great beginning to a HAWT Series!" Reading Writing Book Reviews

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