Zane Safrit : Recognize THEM: Show You Care

Recognize THEM: Show You Care

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January, 2014



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The most important element in any relationship is your ability to not only care, but show you care in ways that meaningful to those for whom you care. Pretty straightforward, right?

Employee engagement reflects the care of a company's leadership and management for its employees and how well they can communicate that to their employees, again, in ways that are meaningful to them.

This short ebook offers 13 ways to show your employees you care about them. Each of these ways are ways that would be meaningful to them.

How can I say that? I've used them to grow a company here in the U.S. and to grow an overseas division. They have stood the test of time and geography, cultures and language.

In addition there quotes to inspire you and exercises to strengthen your muscles of caring and recognition, making it a daily habit.

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