Zachary D. Baldwin : Temporal_Lands


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Computers & Internet , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Psychological Fiction, Frank Peretti, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card

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94 Pages




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December 12, 2014



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The virtual world seems so much more appealing then reality. Gideon, and Kamila Hazkin and their adversary Nimrod have embraced the world of Virtual Reality (VR). The sights and sounds are so visceral in the digital world - but what will become of reality when one needs to eat, to sleep, to love? What Gideon finds is an astonishing new world that will blow away all that was in his upbringing - Reality.

An expansive world of technology and networking... while at times still reserved... Ther is still elements of true life in the universe. Gamers internally want to find out what is missing in their perfelctly-synthetic lifestyle...

Editorial Reviews

"...I like the world building *element* of the story and the main story of Kamila and *Gideon* is fun and entertaining..."

Usama Saq6,

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