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Health, Self-Improvement

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71 pages




Yvonne Ellen

Publication Date

March 28, 2105



About the Book    About the Author

It's raining on my parade. An alien from inner space, E+ breast cancer has invaded my life in the form of a 4 centimeter tumor.I'm not afraid of this tumor. I certainly don't look on it as a death sentence and I'm not going to let anyone else do that to me either.Learn how Yvonne Ellen fought back against the dreaded E+ breast cancer which kills millions of women each year. She was determined it was not going to see her off the planet.Nor was she prepared to entertain surgery or chemotherapy.She was going to conquer breast cancer.So began the journey for an alternative therapy that would cure her of this uninvited guest and she found one that was painless, easy to do and helped her conquer cancer.Believing cancer is unresolved emotions that have been buried deeply and have turned toxic, she added other components to reinforce the path she was taking.Many complications got in her way but she remained steadfast.Twelve months later she was Cancer Free and living a healthy busy life.Read about her painless journey and cure in I've Conquered Cancer Naturally and Painlessly<./b>

Editorial Reviews

After hearing Yvonne's story I commenced taking the product having been told there was nothing the medical profession could do for me. I had a tumor on my lung, one on my top right hand lung and advised the cancer was in my liver and bones. I confounded the doctors after a CT scan within three months of commencing the course of tablets. The tumor in my lung had reduced by 52%. The tumor on my rib had disappeared and the doctor told me they must have been mistaken as they could find no trace of cancer in my liver and bones.

I am English, 80 years of age. The Blitz in London during WWII didn't get me and I was determined cancer wouldn't as well. Adrienne New Zealand

Yvonne is my brother's partner and when she came to Germany recently I could not believe how well and fit she was, knowing she had breast cancer but had beaten it.

I had a tumor on my lung and had half the lung removed. Then I commenced a course of chemotherapy. This left me tired, weak and breathless. My mind was foggy and I was depressed. The chemo ate up my red blood cells so I needed two blood transfusions. I felt like I was 100 years old, instead of 60. I starting taking the tablets four weeks ago. My mind is clearer, I feel strong again and have no more trouble with breathlessness. I can climb the stairs in my home easily and go for walks. Lothar Blanash Germany

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