William Stacey : Black Monastery

Black Monastery

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Travel & Adventure

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G.R.R. Martin, Laurel K. Hamilton, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher

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An outlaw Viking clashes with a demon that flays and wears the skins of its victims…

Read the medieval dark fantasy horror tale that Amazon voted a 2014 Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist!

Viking warband leader Asgrim has been banned from his homeland. His only hope of redemption is to raise a princely blood debt. When he learns of a great treasure hidden away on a Frankish Island, he thinks fate has given him one more chance. But Asgrim has been tricked. Deep beneath the stones of the mysterious Black Monastery, an unearthly evil has been set free. Asgrim must team with a suspected Frankish witch to stop a demonic force before it's unleashed upon the world.

Black Monastery is a dark fantasy horror novel that features compelling characters, raw and vivid imagery, and graphic fight scenes. If you like explosive action that mixes the paranormal and historical, then you'll love this award-winning book!

Editorial Reviews

You may be overwhelmed by the level of "Bad-@ssery" in this book. Read the fights scenes while drinking beer and listening to Metal! - Kindle Reviewer

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