Manchee : Tarizon: The Liberator

Tarizon: The Liberator

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A high school student inadvertently discovers that his father is working on a top secret project with the CIA and aliens from another planet. When the aliens discover this serious security breach they insist on Peter Turner's exile to Tarizon. Meanwhile Tarizon is recovering from a series of super volcanic eruptions that has nearly destroyed all life on the planet. Tarizon is slowly recovering ecologically but the political situation is volatile. Videl Lai has become Chancellor in a tainted election. Once in power, he renounces Tarizon's constitution, The Supreme Mandate, and orders the extermination of all non-human life forms. The Loyalist party, however, has been planning a civil war to restore rule under the Supreme Mandate and stop the genocide. The Loyalist Party, however, is weak and there is little hope it will be able to defeat Videl Lai and his formidable army. The only hope seems to be a prophecy that foretells of the arrival of a Liberator from Earth who would lead a revolt to rid Tarizon of a ruthless dictator. When Videl Lai learns of Peter's imminent arrival and the talk that he might be the Liberator, he vows to have him killed the moment he sets foot on Tarizon.

Editorial Reviews

Accepting exile from Earth for learning too much about the alien presence on his home world, Peter Turner finds himself in the position of the long-awaited "Liberator" on the planet Tarizon. Now known as Leek Lanzia, Peter commands an army of rebels including seafolken, mutants, and nanomites against the numerically and technologically superior Tarizon Global Army. The second volume in Manchee's trilogy details one man's struggle against tyranny on an alien planet and ends with a premonition of more problems for Earth. VERDICT Suitable for YA and adult fans of interplanetary space opera and sf military fiction. --Library Journal

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