Timothy Willard & Jason Locy : Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society

Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society


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HarperCollins Publishing

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May 4, 2011



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Our lives are full of scars, quirks and insecurities we have learned to hide in favor of a more glamorous veneer we hope the world finds more acceptable. This is the modern tragedy. We have forgotten that like the stress-lines and fractures of antique wood, these imperfections in our lives are what make us beautiful.

Abundant living is more than a wall-post existence. Rich relationships are more than trends, status updates and group invitations. But neither are possible until we allow ourselves to be fully known, imperfections and all. Only then will we come to experience the life we are meant to live.

As authors Tim and Jason explain, the Creator's idea of humanity is quite different from the world's. It is also far more rewarding. This life begins when we dare strip away our veneers and enter a life of freedom, honesty and rare beauty.

Editorial Reviews

Bold, intelligent, and convicting. Even as culture rewards our masks, Veneer urges us to rip them off. The life we ought to live is identified on these pages. Only read if you are ready to shed your façade.

-Gabe Lyons, Q founder and author of The Next Christians

Our culture wants an `app for happiness,' and the church too often imitates that `app culture.' Veneer contains the best exposure of our `Celebrity Me!' culture I've seen, and once Willard and Locy have peeled back the veneer, they take us on a journey into knowing God. A must-read for parents and leaders--and I'll be putting copies of this in the hands of my students.

- Scot McKnight, author of One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow

When I put down this book, I felt seen, heard, and not crazy. That's about the highest compliment I can give. Veneer asked me to look at the truth about myself--consumerism, celebrity-gawking, the temptation to give people a curated and manufactured Facebook-profile version of myself. And then it reminded me of a better way: deep relationships, intimacy, face-to-face connections, honesty even when it's ugly. It reminded me of how I want to live.

- Shauna Niequist, author of Bittersweet

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