Timothy Willard & Jason Locy : On Being Pretty: An Open Letter to our Daughters

On Being Pretty: An Open Letter to our Daughters

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When we were working on our book Home Behind the Sun, we knew we wanted to talk about physical beauty. Because so much of the book discussed beauty in other areas—forgiveness, healing, work, parenting, etc.—it made sense to bring it around to our outward appearance.

Alas, like all works of love, some bits and pieces fall to the editing room floor never to see the light of day. This chapter about physical beauty was one of those fragments left on the floor at the end of the project. We decided, however, to not let this bit stay in the dark. Instead we picked it back up and offer it here in hopes that it will encourage larger conversations around outer beauty.

The book contains an overview of physical beauty along with an open letter to our daughters, something we hope will spark imaginations on what beauty looks like. If we are lucky, it will inspire moms and dads to pick up pen and paper and write letters to their sons and daughters. I

Isn't that beautiful?

--Tim and Jason

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