Wicksteed Works : Direct-to-Fan: Which Platform? (Excerpt)

Direct-to-Fan: Which Platform? (Excerpt)

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London based direct-to-fan agency, Wicksteed Works, has launched an updated report comparing fifteen leading direct-to-fan marketing platforms. The report is a tool to help music industry professionals including musicians, management and labels to decide which direct-to-fan platform is best suited to their needs.

The digital report, which is now available to purchase together with the source data at http://whichplatform.co, takes a careful look at fifteen leading marketing and retail platforms including Bandcamp, Music Glue, and PledgeMusic. It creates a set of standard criteria to measure and compare the core features of each platform, thereby helping industry professionals to navigate this crowded market and make an informed choice about which platform is most suitable for their project.

Download this sample excerpt, containing an overview of the direct-to-fan concept, and profile summaries for popular platforms Bandcamp and Music Glue.

Editorial Reviews

“This updated report continues to fill a huge gap in the collective industry’s knowledge and understanding of direct-to-fan platforms: there is nothing comparable out there which compares the platforms and brings together useful and concise information. Artists as well as their managers and labels should get a lot of mileage out of this.” - Steve Mayall, Director, Music Ally

“Great to hear there's a new version of the Which Platform report! To me this has always felt like one of those things that is a no-brainer; you can spend a lot of hours figuring this all out, so for the asking price I think it pays for itself on the basis it saves people a LOT of time. Ergo, it’s not difficult to recommend - it just makes good sense! ” - Darren Hemmings, Founder, Motive Unknown

"This the best comparative study we’ve seen in this space." - Stuart Dredge, Music Ally

“Direct to fan is a core part of commercial strategy for artists and labels, whatever their level. With a multitude of different platforms out there offering different services, finding the right fit can be time consuming, and mistakes can be expensive and frustrating. This comprehensive report from D2F specialists Wicksteed Works compiles and compares vital information from a broad range of relevant services, and looks set to be the go-to resource for artists, labels and management looking to pick the best platform for their needs.”
- Sam Taylor, Commercial & Insights Associate, CMU

"The report includes a handy comparison chart covering key details followed by a closer look at each platform. Given the amount of time it would take to figure all this out for yourself, this is a fairly priced report." - Clyde Smith, Senior Contributor, Hypebot

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