W. H. Carr : Right Dress, Wrong Man

Right Dress, Wrong Man

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“You can’t eliminate pain and risk and heartache, and you can’t protect yourself from it – even with an education.”

When Dr. Clay Morton, the protagonist in Right Dress, Wrong Man, hears these words of wisdom from an old family friend, he is puzzled. After all, he has successfully distanced himself from the family business of competitive bull riding by first completing his education, and then purchasing a busy veterinary practice with his feisty colleague, Dr. Marie Cranston. His life is full, but still comfortable, pleasant and safe.

In Right Dress, Wrong Man, the consequences of a romantic fling and the consequences of another family tragedy bring Clay to the realization that he does not want to completely sever ties with his past. Instead, for the sake of his family and friends, he must find the courage to overcome the sadness and fear that are rooted in his past. When he does so, courage opens the door to the future he wants…and to love.

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