Sean Andre : Roswell The Final Chapter Season 5

Roswell The Final Chapter Season 5

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fiction & Literature

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Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich, Gene Roddenberry

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WFTP Radio Network

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Roswell The Final Chapter is a Fan-Fiction Text Book spin-off that continued the story of the characters from the TV series after it was canceled after only airing for 3 seasons.The Fan-Fiction Text Book series was written by a group of fans of the Television series, and later converted into an Audio Book series by Sean Andre of the WFTP Radio Network.Permission to create the audio book series was given to Sean half way to the creation of season 4 of the Roswell The Final Chapter Fan-Fiction series. The creators of the Fan-Fiction text series took down their website and stopped writing. Roswell The Final Chapter has even gone so far as reaching the SyFy channel community forums, it was that popular.

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