William Johnson : Disorganize or Bust

Disorganize or Bust

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Has your Business, Church, or Organization plateaued or is it in decline?

How and What to Change to grow your team and have a new outlook.There is still hope and you can start renewal now! Organizations become bound by traditional and bureaucratic attitudes and habits. Within five years, one-half of new start-ups will be gone. Organizations are living organisms and must be treated as such. Many consider them merely complex machinery. This book uncovers the mysteries of organizational dynamics and provides a path to renewal no matter where it is in its life cycle. Bill Johnson has over forty years as an organizational specialist and consultant in both for-profit and non-profit organizations including; manufacturing, technical services, and church organizations. He has led and guided groups in organizations ranging from small entities to large international corporations. Since 2001, he has led Aslan Ministries a non-profit organization coaching, encouraging and equipping organizational leaders. Now in this Book Bill has provided a broad look at the dynamics of organizations and the ways that leaders of these organizations can be equipped to forment renewal and true revival.

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