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Novos Discipleship

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Dan Trippie, Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll

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Restoration Church

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Discipleship Booklet for Restoration Church in Buffalo, NY. Through this tool we hope to create men and women pursuing growth in all 5 areas of Restoration discipleship outcomes. This particular vehicle is intended to foster and further people in areas of Intimacy with God, Christ- Relationships, and sharing their Grace Stories. By participation in this we anticipate further growth in Stewardship of Life and Discovery of Spiritual gifts.

As Christ followers, there are many ways and tools to grow. We should gather as groups and on Sunday and we should also have personal intimate times with God. But a really effective method that pushes further is in cohorts of 2-4 where people are pushing and challenging each other the way that Paul encouraged us to do in his letters.

For anyone looking to go further in their walk through accountability, encouragement, and exhortation, Novos is a simple tool designed specifically and practically for this.

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Video here is from an announcement sent to Restoration Church the week before the release of the book.

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