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ISBN-10: 0996425284


Maven Christian

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February 18, 2016



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Faith Quinn didn’t have much experience in that department, at least not until she met Lucas. But then again, a lot of things changed when he stepped into the picture. They fell in love the moment their eyes met, and as wonderful as it felt, it also set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately change the quality of their lives forever. Honesty, trust, and stress-free living become nearly impossible to find as this couple willingly steps outside God’s design for sex and marriage. This leaves them asking the question: what would things have been like had they followed the wise design of their loving Father from the beginning?

Follow Faith and Lucas for 100 days from the time they meet and watch as they struggle with their attraction and what to do with it. Watch two completely different scenarios unfold, and see the contrast and ramifications of their decisions.

Editorial Reviews

First I will admit I am not a big reader of Christian fiction, this is only the second one I have read. And I think I am horrible at writing reviews, so here it goes as honest as I can be.

I was not sure at all as to what to expect, because I did not read the synopsis at all. just dove right in!! The beginning was a bit fast but soon that was forgotten because I was immediately sucked right in to this poor girls world, the author did such a great job at writing this character, her personality, her illness, you got a good idea of what it would feel like to be her. I went through such a large range of emotions from 'what were you thinking?' to 'Oh that man could make anyone swoon' to 'this is so sad I think I may have to stop' and that was just the first half of the book.

Halfway though there is a big change I wasn't sure about at first but I'm glad I pushed on because the second half of the book was just as good and thankfully, a little more mellow, with a lighter mood. Not to say that the heaviness was bad by any means, it was just a relief. I found the second half of the book to have a lot more humor, "raisins" hee hee. All I have to say is I wish there were more men like Lucas in the world. Such a great man! The author has a talent of showing you the world from two different perspectives which I find very interesting (if only real life let you view things this way maybe things could be way different).

No, this book is not 'typical' in any way, but I really enjoyed its uniqueness. The changes in plot and misleading ideas kept me on my toes. All in all this was a really good heart-wrenching, steamy, tragic, yet happy wonderful love story and I really enjoyed it. Yes, it is Christian, but it is written in a tasteful way so that it does not feel as though ideals are being forced on you, but lets you know that this is what the characters believe. I am recommending this book to anyone who loves stories about real life issues, issues that sometimes are overlooked or shoved under the rug due to embarrassment or the inability to accept that real people can, will, and do have real issues. Wendy's stories are ones that can hit home and make you open your eyes to the way the world treats people with issues and how people with issues feel about themselves. It's an eye opener!

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