William Darrah Whitaker : My Life As A Sperm - (Ch 1 - 4)

My Life As A Sperm - (Ch 1 - 4)

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Humor, Fiction & Literature

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Buddy Price, a Hollywood agent, dies in a car crash and finds himself in Heaven. There, he discovers God’s had enough with people and plans on pulling the plug if we can’t learn to get along - a 'love thy neighbor or else' sort of message. An unlikely hero as there ever was, Buddy convinces God to let him fix things and gets a second chance. From the first few lines of the book, we know that he’s probably the last person we’d want to depend on to save the world, but God’s got his plan. Our fate rests in Buddy’s hands… or, who knows, maybe he’s just crazy and needs lithium or something.

Editorial Reviews

***** 5 STARS Wild ride as a Hollywood agent tries to save the world *****

If you are looking for a book that will keep you amused from
beginning to end, then you must read My Life As A Sperm. Author William Darrah
Whitaker thinks “outside the box” to bring you a refreshing escapade that
doesn’t fit the standard molds… Whitaker definitely has the talent and
imagination to keep you waiting for the next “revelation,” so do yourself a favor
and prepare to read one of those books you can’t put down.

~Morgan St. James, author of Silver Sisters
Mysteries, Ripoff, Writers’ Tricks of the Trade

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