W Bradford Swift : Clarity of Purpose: Don't Live Life without It

Clarity of Purpose: Don't Live Life without It

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein

It’s time to rethink the whole notion of what a life purpose is because clarity of purpose is key to living a truly happy and satisfying life. "Seven in ten individuals without a clearly defined purpose felt unsettled about their lives, while almost seven in ten with a purpose felt satisfied." From I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy, by Aaron Cooper and Eric Keitel, M.Ed.

Do you know your true life purpose, really know it with such clarity that it has the power to shape your life; your decisions, choices and ultimately your daily actions?

If not, it’s time to consider a new perspective — the Life On Purpose Perspective, as outlined in rich detail in Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life without It, by co-founder of Life On Purpose Institute, W. Bradford Swift.

“Clearly, discovering your life purpose isn’t easy,” says Swift who has been a Life On Purpose Coach for almost twenty years. “If it was easy, they’d be a whole lot more people living a life on purpose.” But, as he chronicles in Clarity of Purpose, it doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as most people make it, and it starts with a new way of thinking. Start your journey along the Purposeful Path with this insightful report. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to bring clarity of purpose to your life.

Special Bonus Edition includes access to the Clarity of Purpose Online Video Series. Grab your copy of Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life without It, today!

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