W B Klift : Untamed Silk

Untamed Silk

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March 1, 2015



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Diana Franks, marketing genius behind a new line of European glamour fashions -- too busy to get involved in a serious relationship and haunted by tragedy in her past loves. Then David Stern --entrepreneur, adventurer, philanthropist -- enters the picture.

After a fantastic one night stand with David, it's impossible to forget about him -- no matter how she tries and with whom, including her boss and two adult sons in a country mansion haunted by century-old ghosts. Her sexual escapades take her across three continents to reunite with David in an African war zone, meanwhile coming to grips with the ghosts in her own past.

Editorial Reviews

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite5 Stars *****
Untamed Silk is a contemporary erotic romance written by W.B. Klift. Diana Franks is a skilled marketing consultant with her own thriving business, but John Verraine wants her to represent his clothing line by wearing it while she's consulting. She's not dismayed by his frankness when he says that her appearance had a lot to do the selection of her firm for the account and can understand his reasoning. Verraine's clothing is being marketed to those professional women who are comfortable with projecting a feminine image and demand quality and comfort. Diana takes easily to her dual roles of brand manager and spokeswoman. Her plans to market VerraineWear are going well until a newcomer to her marketing meetings questions her choice of a popular actress for the campaign. His name is David Stern, and he works in Mergers and Acquisitions. He's also part owner of Verraine, and the owner's unofficial third son. While Diana is irked by his questioning her plans, something about him has caught her interest.

W.B. Klift's contemporary erotic romance, Untamed Silk, is entertaining and well-written. Diana Franks is a competent professional woman whose past has made her unable to trust, and it's easy to get involved with her habit of removing herself from things or people that are good for her. David Stern is a marvelous foil for her; he's also a consummate professional who is juggling his work with Verraine along with his ongoing plans for a silkworm plant in Africa. Klift's story is well-plotted, and the psychological aspects governing Diana's personality quirks are deftly woven into the tale. As this is an erotic romance, there are numerous sexual liaisons scattered throughout the story, but I found that they were at all times tasteful, albeit explicit. Untamed Silk is recommended reading.

Reviewed By Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite4 Stars **** Untamed Silk by W.B. Klift begins with John Verraine, of Verraine wear fame, celebrating the entry of Diana Franks as an executive. Diana was the perfect choice, sexy, charming, and expressive, for the line of clothing launched for those living the glamorous side of life. David Stern, another important member of the team, who has certain philanthropic connections in Africa, is involved with a project to develop a wild silk industry in Africa. David finds himself attracted to Diana, who forgets about her independent nature and becomes almost glued to him. She even takes certain detours and risky adventures to free her mind of this. When information is received regarding the arrest of David in Africa, a team proceeds to Africa for further help. During Diana’s trip to Africa as part of the team, a combined operation of African and UN forces takes place.

Untamed Silk by W.B. Klift is a gripping novel. The self confident nature of the protagonists is clearly visible in the events that unfold. The climactic scenes towards the end of the novel truly reflect the deep anguish and sense of loss felt by all those connected with David, including the agonizing emotions of Diana.

Reviewed by K. L. Davis

Untamed Silk takes place in the charged world of high fashion. It combines all the elements that attract readers of both romance and
mystery. As the story begins, there is sexual tension and romantic attraction. The main character, Diana is an independent
and successful woman, but she has never been able to sustain a relationship. A
bond is formed with David, but it doesn’t hold.
Something keeps Diana from committing to the man the reader knows is
perfect for her, but what is it? We find
clues along the way, but the answer is a surprise. Klift artfully offers hints of events to come
without being predictable.

The settings are exotic, but so exquisitely described that
we can imagine ourselves enjoying the wonder and opulence of estates and faraway
places. Characters’ traits are unveiled slowly. Some remain steady, but Diana
continues to evolve, often surprising and scaring herself. We want to say, “No, Diana, don’t do it,” but
then we revel in the continuing consummation of her desires. Her erotic encounters are described

She finds closure in unexpected, yet satisfying ways. The reader may be shocked at some situations,
but exhilarated all the same. Untamed
Silk is truly a guilty pleasure.

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