Mark Frankel  : Signed C: The Missing

Signed C: The Missing

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In the big city, young women fall prey to foul plots every day but few have a sorceress watching out for them. When a model disappears, her talent agent searches the known realms and in the process uncovers a plot that could undo the very order of the cosmos. Even magic might not be enough to prevail over her ancient foes. C: the missing follows Ceecee as she tracks down her missing client through myth, magic and mayhem.

Contains issues 1-6 of Signed C: The Missing

Editorial Reviews

“As a girl reading comics, I do take an interest in series featuring women as powerful characters as opposed to printed scream queens. While reading Signed C: the missing, I not only got cosplay ideas for future conventions, but I got to meet an awesome female-dominated cast of characters.”-Jennifer Braemer, Comics and Cashmere

“Engaging and Picturesque.”-Shawn Perry, Bleeding Cool

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