Wayne  T. Young  : Children of the Fall

Children of the Fall

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(ISBN 978-1-77135-244-4)


Arcana Publishing



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OVERPOPULATION AND FOSSIL FUEL EXHAUSTION HAVE LED TO HUMANITY’S DEMISE....leaving the world a violent and chaotic shell of its former self. Amidst the turmoil, Lin Shaw, the eldest daughter of a warlord, has retreated with her younger sister, Kay, to a remote island in Southeast Asia. There, they encounter the enigmatic Gunfighter and, together, the trio must face a treacherous landscape and a dangerous adversary in the hopes of securing safe passage to Valhalla -- mankind’s last sanctuary. Wayne Young has created a vivid world of a possible future that is as unsettling as it is familiar. When your world is a memory, does what you do still matter?

Editorial Reviews

"It is not written as emotionally packed but it delivers a lot of emotions. 4 out of 5 stars.”


“What I particularly like about the art in Children of the Fall, is that it is not hindered by frame. Sometimes there is no frame, and in some cases, the characters are trying to climb out of the frame, almost like they are breaking out of the book. The frame essentially, conforms to the characters instead of the characters being held within. The thick outlines complement the starkness of the reality, and the sporadic use of bright color seems to symbolize the splashes of hope in an otherwise bleak world.” -Geeks of Doom

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