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Mysteries & Thrillers, Science & Nature

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Action adventure and Thrillers, Robert Ludlum, Wilbur Smith, Jack Hayes, Frederick Forsyth

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Umduzu Publishing

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March 23, 2015



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Should he heed the stranger's warning, and stay away from the exotic beauty he had just shared a drink with?

Hudson Drake peeled the label from his beer bottle as he sat in the small bar in the town of Taiji. An image of her perfect smile flooded his thoughts. His track record with women wasn't great but he found her desire to put a stop to the killing of dolphins, captivating.

In this eco-thriller, Hudson and his friends travel to Japan to peacefully protest against the annual dolphin slaughter in the infamous killing cove. A barbaric fishing practice that has been going on right under the noses of the world's media, and together, they mean to expose it. While protesting, he meets the mysterious, beautiful Eleena. His world is turned upside down as she tries to lure him down a path from which there would be no return.

5o% of all revenues from the sale of this novella will be donated to the Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project.

Editorial Reviews

As a wildlife photographer and lover of all things from the natural world, it was only in 2009 that the small killing cove of Taiji came onto my research radar.

How had I gone through life for so long, studying wildlife and ecosystems, and not come across the systematic slaughter of small cetaceans(dolphins and porpoises) every year from September to March? It was only after the Academy winning movie, The Cove, came out that the insidious reasons for he slaughter became known. Hidden beneath a blanket of lies and with claims of an age-old Japanese tradition, the industry has flourished in Taiji because of people's lust to see trained dolphins do tricks in faraway shows like those in SeaWorld.

It is the same as the hidden industry of lion cub petting in lion parks.Cubs, factory-bred to be cute and cuddly, and then disposed of via the vile canned-hunting industry when they become unmanageable. So, dolphin and porpoise pods are destroyed to capture one or two individuals for the dolphin trade and a life sentence in captivity.

Spread the word. Empty the tanks.

A special word of thanks. To all the Cove Guardians who spend each day monitoring the slaughter, you are the world's eyes and ears. Thank you for your dedication.

I have used creative licence with some of the details of the locations around the cove and on the roads surrounding the area to suit the scenes of the novella.

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