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Action adventure and Thrillers, Robert Ludlum, Wilbur Smith, Jack Hayes, Frederick Forsyth

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Print Length

47 pages




Umduzu Publishing

Publication Date

20 Jan 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Thia book is an excerpt(sample) of Book 1 in the Kyle Gibbs series.

Lord Francis Butler ruthlessly leads a group of billionaire businessmen in their quest to control the last of the planet's resources. Driven on by the discovery of a methane release that could alter the world's sea-level, with catastrophic consequences, they will stop at nothing to secure their wealth and fortunes. Will their actions help the world to preserve the remaining resources, or are their motives more sinister?

Sergeant Kyle Gibbs is a disgruntled Scotsman, who after serving as an SAS team leader for a now disintegrating British Government, jumps at the opportunity to become a mercenary for this secret Billionaires Club.

After a failed incursion into an oil-rich country, Gibbs, and his team are left at the mercy of the African Continent as they scramble to get back to England and find out which one of their paymasters set them up to fail.

With the initial signs of climate change affecting London, they race through the poverty stricken city streets, trying to expose the traitor.

Editorial Reviews

This book is a work of fiction, so any similarities to living people or anyone that you may know is purely coincidental. The places that I have written about in the Kyle Gibbs trilogy are all places that I have visited, either in real life or virtually by the powers of Google Maps.

Military equipment, fighting units, and battle manoeuvres were all sourced via the standard search engines and thus seemed to be in the public domain.

Being a wildlife photographer and conservationist, the topics of climate change and overpopulation are never far from my mind. I researched climate change for four years before writing the Kyle Gibbs series and found that there is a myriad of facts and misconceptions out there, no matter what media formats you read.

For many years, global warming was the buzz word until scientists realised that it was a confusing term as not all the areas of the planet are indeed heating up. I believe that climate change is the better term to use.

The science that I researched tells me that man is indeed responsible for the changes in our climate and the massive increases in CO2 over the past 40 years. Many anti-climate-change scientists have come around to accept man's role. Now the debate is more about how much it will affect our future.

The premise of methane release in the novel is pure fiction because, although there are vast reservoirs of Methane Hydrate in the ocean depths, scientists agree that it would not be a single planet changer on its own and what I understand is that most, if melted, would simply not make it into the atmosphere.

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