Vrinda Pendred : They Who from the Heavens Came (The Wisdom, #1)

They Who from the Heavens Came (The Wisdom, #1)

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Cassandra Clare, Michael Grant, Brigid Kemmerer, Graham Joyce, James Dashner

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Vrinda Pendred



About the Book    About the Author

Some say the Wisdom is knowledge of the Creator. Others claim it’s a myth. All anyone really knows is it was lost long ago – and now the Sirians have returned to Earth to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Itzel Loveguard has written another story – and this time, it may have killed her father. Now, she finds herself entangled with an unexpected cast of characters – her estranged half-brother Oz; his unfailingly charming friend Seth, who can draw things into existence; and the handsome grey-eyed Aidan, who seems to have stepped right out of Itzy’s dreams in pursuit of a mysterious black pulse that speaks to him in the night.

With these new friends, Itzy is flung on an emotional journey, as they unravel the mystery of why her father took his life. But what will they do when they learn the explosive truth of who Itzy really is?

Editorial Reviews

Reader Reviews (online):

‘The characters are deep, the descriptions are stunning, and (best of all) the plot is genuinely intriguing.’

‘This is a sweet, multi-layered meaning novel with many themes: family, friendship, romance, the teenage years, domestic violence, family break up, death, destiny, prophecy, self-discovery, the meaning of life and of course, supernatural power! – and the list goes on. This is a startling début to a series that promises to only get better!’

‘The originality is astounding. The author has taken the legends of Atlantis, Alien lore, and Greek mythology and wrapped them into an entertaining Mythology of her own. It’s not often I see such originality that really grabs me anymore.’

‘I can honestly say this is such a departure from the YA literature that’s available at the moment. It touches on relationships, spirituality and mythology in such an interesting way that by the end of it you find yourself impatient for the next instalment.’

‘I’m not a huge fan of paranormal plots but this blew me away and I definitely can’t wait for the second book in its series. Her descriptions and way of setting the scene makes you feel like you are right there among the characters.’

‘I love this author’s voice. She approaches tired topics and descriptions from such fresh angles.’

‘This book and series is filled with mysteries and questions that leave you chomping at the bit for more. So much greatness in so little time leaves me with only one question left to ask: “How much longer must we wait in agony until the second book comes out?”‘

‘This is a fascinating, well-written and exciting book. The author’s imagination regarding mythology is astonishing [and] the love shared by Itzy and Aidan is touching.’

‘I thought I knew where it was going, but that ending just blew my mind.’
‘Speechless. That is all I felt at the end of this book..’

‘You should have the complete series before you read it because it was a total cliffhanger! I really need the [next] book right now!’

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