Vijay Atawane : In Search of the Universal God

In Search of the Universal God

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258 pages



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8 July 2014



About the Book    About the Author

‘In Search of the Universal God’ offers two benefits to our society:

1) It clears our misconceptions about God and helps resolve global religious conflicts,

2) Helps foster a spirit of universal brotherhood by transforming ordinary citizens into Global Citizens.

The "my God versus your God" battle has consumed millions of lives over many centuries. Will there ever be a day when Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus worship a single God? 'In Search of the Universal God' is a step by step guide to discover such a God within our own religion. It attempts to resolve global religious conflicts and unite humankind into a single spiritual brotherhood.

This book takes you on a journey of discovery and helps find answers to questions like:

1. What is the difference between “Not Gods” and “God the Creator”?

2. What is the definitive way to resolve global religious conflicts?

3. Why are there so many different religions?

4. Does God really discriminate against followers of any religion?

5. What is the relevance of the 10 Commandments in our life?

6. What happens to people who do not follow our religion?

7. Who are the “chosen people” of God?

8. What is the purpose of our life?

9. Why are old languages dying (Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Greek and Latin) even though the races who spoke these languages still survive?

Editorial Reviews

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

In Search of the Universal God is a non-fiction
treatise on comparative religions written by Vijay Atawane. This work sets out
the author’s premise that there is a Universal God that is revered by all
humanity, and that a shift from the prevailing religious practices and beliefs
of the various separate religions to that more centered approach would result
in a more peaceful and united world. Atawane backs his contention with quotes
that are taken from the major religious holy books: the Koran, the Torah, the
Bible and other works. When he uses quotes, they are uniformly labelled as ‘God
Speak’ to help the reader maintain an open mind in his search for a Universal
God. Atawane argues that much of the conflict in our society could be avoided
if a Universal and non-judgmental approach to worship was followed by more people.

Vijay Atawane’s religious work, In Search of the
Universal God, is an impressive study of the major religions of the world. He
presents a series of questions and topics for thought on the identity and
characteristics of a Creator in order to assist readers in their own religious
and philosophical journeys. His arguments are well-presented in, for the most
part, a dispassionate and organized methodology. I enjoyed reading In Search of
the Universal God and found his proposal for Universality, and its resulting
freedom from conflict, to be quite compelling. At times the author’s own
beliefs intruded in what is generally a rigorous study, which was somewhat
distracting and disturbing, but, overall, I found myself enriched for having
read In Search of the Universal God. His proposition is very interesting indeed
and universal harmony is certainly something to work for. In Search of the
Universal God is highly recommended.

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