Victoria Bush : Beat Girl: Two Decaf Coffees and Two Extra-Large Chocolate Doughnuts

Beat Girl: Two Decaf Coffees and Two Extra-Large Chocolate Doughnuts

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Children & Teens, Romance

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Nora Roberts, Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot, Jane Green

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April 2013



About the Book   

“Two decaf coffees and two extra-large chocolate doughnuts” written by Victoria Bush is the winner of the Movellas Beat Girl fan fiction competition. Focusing on Heather Jennings’ best friends, the fashion designers Amy and Steve, it tells us what happened in their lives before the death of Heather’s mother.Amy finds herself in a complicated situation regarding many parts of her life. Her fashion studio, the only big risk she ever took, is in debt and not far from being ruined, and her current love life does not make the situation any easier.

Since the first time she saw him, Amy is in love with Steve, her best friend and her colleague, who always knows how to make her smile and feel alright, although he does not seem to notice her feelings for him. But suddenly, her life takes a whole new turn… One ordinary morning, Amy meets Leo, who just started to work at a café near her studio. They immediately start an argument and Leo’s harsh comments make Amy doubt herself and her life situation even more. She returns to her studio discouraged and realises that she has to come up with a plan to save her fashion atelier and turn her life around. Steve does not show much enthusiasm for her new ideas, but agrees to talk about some plans in a nightclub with Heather and more friends.

At the club, Amy gets the feeling that her ideas are not appreciated and desperately wants to leave when she runs into Leo, who turns out to be the guitarist of a band called Apollo. The following morning, he surprisingly asks her out on a date to which she finally agrees, while promising Heather she won’t fall for him. But Amy quickly discovers that this promise is not easy to keep, since she feels attracted to Leo in a way that she can’t even explain herself.

Even though Amy constantly explains that the two of them are not right for each other and not meant to be, Leo asks her to come on tour with him and the band for the next 18 months, leaving her uncertain and confused. Only a few moments later, Amy’s world is shocked once more when she finds out that her secret love Steve is gay and seeing another man. Amy realises she has to make a decision between her responsibilities at home and what her heart is telling her to do.“Two decaf coffees and two extra-large chocolate doughnuts” is a story about decisions and opportunities that could change your life forever, about deciding what is the right thing to do and finding your way in life. The reader follows Amy’s process of finding herself and facing her responsibilities when she has to choose between following her heart and facing reality.

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