Venturvane (Daniel Mollé) : Ævélo The Whale: for solo flute

Ævélo The Whale: for solo flute

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8 pages


Daniel Mollé

Publication Date

28 September 2011



About the Book    About the Author

Ævélo The Whale was composed in 2004 and dedicated to my late grandmother, Waranna Blum (1917-2001). It was my first composition assignment at West Valley Community College in Saratoga, California and was first performed and recorded that year by flutist Elena Yárritu. Its first presentation before an audience was in 2004 at West Valley Community College given by the playback of the recording made by Elena. It was later that year given its first live performance by her, in person, in the Mexican Heritage Plaza of San José, California.

Performance Time: 3 min.

Performance Note:

Two transpositions of this piece are provided to facilitate the possibility of its performance whether with or without a B extension. The transposition with 6 sharps in the key signature for a flute with a B extension was the piece's original state, in which it was also first performed and recorded.

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