Velerion Damarke : Perennials Cycle - Volume 5 - Red & Orange

Perennials Cycle - Volume 5 - Red & Orange

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Religion & Spirituality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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science fiction - fantasy - horror, Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

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520 pgs



Publication Date

Mar 15, 2008



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Anthea is disembodied and lost. She struggles to make her way back after her defeat in Cenalium. Her friends have done much on her behalf. The alliance forces gather in Aynglica, a mixture of all the peoples of the Broken Crown, but they have yet to convince the nobles of Aynglica to go to war.

Uman spreads his influence, taking advantage of the disorder to make a bid to take control of the Pantheon. Bedros has nearly finished his ascension to becoming the Sum of All Lands. He hopes to wake the spirit of the world, to rewrite reality. Iago is working to lead his people in a holy war against Corydon, while the former Empress in his employ schemes to gain more power. Corydon’s generals fight to spread their reign of death across all the lands. The Lost Ones poison the world with each death, and their numbers continue to grow. Everyone is finally being drawn together. Everything must come to an end. Only blood can decide the fate of the world. some wll not survive the coming battle...

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