Velerion Damarke : Perennials Cycle - Volume 4 - Green & Red

Perennials Cycle - Volume 4 - Green & Red

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Religion & Spirituality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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science fiction - fantasy - horror, Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

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490 pgs



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Dec 5, 2007



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n the Broken Crown are the three great powers that pull the strings to this bloody dance: the Gods, the Lost Ones, and the World's Spirit. A God walks the world in the flesh and shatter the order of the Pantheon. Will he lead the armies of worshippers that begin to gather in the names of the divine, or will he only cause disarray?

Creations of dark magic and blood stalk those who would save the world. They overwhelm the faithful on all fronts. There is the very world in which they live, which works its will through its chosen one, Bedros. The Ox-Men hope to create the world anew, and he wishes to wake the world's consciousness. Those who were hidden are revealed. Anthea emerges a changed being, and the whole Broken Crown is poised to enter the war that seems to follow her and her companions. Things have gone too far for any peaceful solutions. Blood must be shed to make an end of this terrible game of tug-of-war for the world's fate.

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