Velerion Damarke : Perennials Cycle - Volume 1 - Orange & White

Perennials Cycle - Volume 1 - Orange & White

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Religion & Spirituality, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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science fiction - fantasy - horror, Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

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422 pgs



Publication Date

Nov 27, 2004



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A girl with a mixed heritage has to flee her home when her disgraced father's enemies learn about her druidic magic. As she flees, she gets seperated from her father, and has to make her way on her own to the city they were supposed to meet at. While she makes her journey, only her brutish guardian and the friends an enchantment helps her meet on the way can keep her out of enemy hands as they try to reclaim her.

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