Velerion Damarke : Legends of the Sworn Lands - Shadowcaster

Legends of the Sworn Lands - Shadowcaster

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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science fiction - fantasy - horror, Orson Scott Card, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

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364 pgs



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Feb 27, 2013



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Marcus Schatten, a man with a shadow that has a mind of its own, is betrayed and sent to work off a prison sentence on the border, where he must guard the last kingdom of man from an evil that has consumed millions of lives. The Light Walkers wait just across a wide band of rain-drenched lands, wanting to pillage the last settlements man has built, but the technologies in this land are great enough to hold them at bay. Still, there are those that guard the border against any invaders, and Marcus must find a way to survive his two year sentence in those dangerous lands...

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