Arzu Tunca : Serenade for My Baby - Love

Serenade for My Baby - Love

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Kobi Yamada, Dr. Wayne Dyer, J. R. Palacio, Elena Favilli, Robert Munsch

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Serenade for My Baby Love gives you a helping hand in bringing the most positive experiences to your little one as their brains do the incredibly complex work of growing and making connections to understand their new world. With affirmation poems and gorgeous illustrations, Serenade for My Baby Love is created to be a supportive tool for parents and caregivers to help you more deeply love and accept your inner child and to foster the close, special relationships each young child needs with parents and caregivers in order to thrive, while joyfully encouraging their thinking and language skills.

We know it can sometimes be difficult to find the words or the time to be able to tell your children how much you love them. We also know you want to be able to successfully attend to their learning needs. By reading Serenade for My Baby: Love, you can focus on loving yourself and on expressing your deep love for your children and communicating to them just how much they are cherished, while simultaneously stimulating their thinking and vocabulary.

Reading these positive affirmation poems with their appealing, colorful illustrations is a delightful experience for both parent and baby. Enjoy this special reading time with your child as you communicate your love and hopes for them and strengthen your own self-acceptance through these beautifully crafted and touching poems.

We wish you many happy hours of reading and tranquility with your baby

Editorial Reviews

Arzu Tunca’s picture book for children, Serenade for My Baby - Love, is a lush and captivating book that captures the happiness and warmth shared by young children and their parents. Arzu Tunca’s verses flow beautifully and never degenerate into sing-song rhyme schemes, and Ying Hui Tan’s illustrations are filled with color, motion, and imagination. Each panel in this impressive book could easily be framed to decorate a child’s nursery. Every page is upbeat, happy and filled with art that keeps you looking long after you’ve read the inspiring words. My favorite pages are those featuring the night sky complete with galaxies of stars overhead, but every page has its own delights to discover. Serenade for My Baby is a great bedtime selection but it’s also an appropriate book for new readers to try on their own. It’s most highly recommended.

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