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Arzu Tunca graduated with a degree in Communications from Marmara University in Istanbul-Turkey, before finding work in advertising. She then started an interactive agency with one of the biggest e-mail marketing companies in Turkey. When she realized she couldn't chase her dreams in the corporate world, she moved to America with just two bags and started all over again. In the past eight years she has followed her nose for adventure, and now does what she loves: publishing and writing.

Her purpose is to raise the collective consciousness to create a more loving world and to help as many people as she can. Knowing that adults can wear the deep scars of their past due to a lack of love and self-confidence, she believes that if we can help children to become loving, grounded, and confident, they will grow into loving, caring and spiritual adults. So really, she is writing books not just for the children of today, but for the adults of the future.