Mark Tullius : 5 More Perfect Days

5 More Perfect Days

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Because 25 Perfect Days wasn’t enough, here comes 5 More.

5 More Perfect Days is the companion to 25 Perfect Days, which was named one of IndieReader's Best Indie Books for 2013 "”perfectly disturbing, a walk through a possible future as bleak as George Orwell's 1984. Scary, realistic, and satisfying" IndieReader review of 25 Perfect Days. Five interlinked stories, each written from a different character’s point of view, 5 More Perfect Days continues the dystopian nightmare of 25 Perfect Days, with more tales of the sacrifice, courage, and love needed to survive and overcome this nightmare.


Editorial Reviews

"From the unique writing abilities of Mark Tullius, author of the gripping dystopian novel, 25 Perfect Days, the intertwining stories of those affected by an overbearing and controlling government that dictates to its populace, comes 5 More Perfect Days. In this companion novella, 5 more stories of life under the brutal and heavy handed control over the masses are unveiled. Some occur simultaneously to 25 Perfect Days filling in a few gaps with more details, more depth and certainly more horrors of living in this dystopian world where the individual lives under the watchful eye of "Big Brother."Completely mesmerizing, there is a message within that screams, "This COULD happen!" Are we not already experiencing the shock of typing our name into a search engine and seeing our life come up as results? If you carry a cellphone or drive a car, isn't there a way you can be tracked? What about credit card usage? Imagine the watchful eye of the government in your own home as the characters in Mark Tullius' imagination must endure? Even freedom of speech or the right to protest can become a deadly nightmare, not because of those who feel differently, but because the government is tracking you, spying on you, laying a trap for you. Even a human gesture of kindness can be lethal.The world Mark Tullius takes us to is thought-provoking, terrifying and far too easily imagined as becoming real, maybe not in our time, but what of our children or grandchildren? Thanks, Mark, the rebel in me now wants to smile and wave at every traffic camera, every toll camera and maybe even the motion detectors in my home. Get ready to have your world rocked with 5 More Perfect Days." Dii (a top 500 amazon reviewer)

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