Tudor Robins : Appaloosa Summer - Second Deleted Chapter

Appaloosa Summer - Second Deleted Chapter

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Children & Teens, Romance

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Maggie Dana, Sarah Dessen, Shelley Peterson, Natalie Keller Reinert

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231 Pages



Publication Date

June 15, 2014



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Please note: This is one chapter only.

This is a deleted chapter from Young Adult novel, Appaloosa Summer. If you like this chapter, you should like the book!

Appaloosa Summer Summary:

Sixteen-year-old Meg Traherne has never known loss. Until the beautiful, talented horse she trained herself, drops dead underneath her in the show ring.

Jared Strickland has been living with loss ever since his father died in a tragic farming accident.

Meg escapes from her grief by changing everything about her life; moving away from home to spend her summer living on an island in the St. Lawrence River, scrubbing toilets and waiting on guests at a B&B.

Once there, she meets Jared; doing his best to keep anything else in his life from changing.

When Jared offers Meg a scruffy appaloosa mare out of a friend's back field, it's the beginning of a journey that will change both of them by summer's end.

The book trailer below is from my first book; Objects in Mirror.

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Appaloosa Summer:

My big test of how well a book has succeeded in capturing me and wrapping me up in its world is whether I can still remember it a week after I've read it. Appaloosa Summer was right up there ... The author has a way of inserting her characters into your consciousness, and there they stay.

- Books, Mud and Compost. And Horses. (booksandmud.blogspot.ca)

Tudor Robins has planned two more books to make up the Island Trilogy, and if they are anything like as good ... they're books I definitely want to read. Young adults who like horses are in for an absolute treat.

- Fresh Fiction (freshfiction.com)

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