Travis Heermann : The Ronin and Green Maiden

The Ronin and Green Maiden

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History, Fantasy

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40 pages




Bear Paw Publishing

Publication Date

August 2015



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In 13th Century Japan, the masterless samurai Ken'ishi travels through the wild countryside to the fortress of his new master, and encounters two strangers--one who challenges his honor and another, his heart.

Volume 2.5 of the Ronin Trilogy

Editorial Reviews

"A fusion of historical fiction and adventure fantasy, the first volume of Heermann's Ronin Trilogy is a page-turning folkloric narrative of epic proportions." – Publishers Weekly

"When you actively watch out for new writers with potential, every so often you're pleasantly surprised by one who has simply Got It, whose work is ready to push up to the next level. Travis Heermann has simply Got It." – James A. Owen, author of Here, There Be Dragons

"As in the previous two volumes (good as Spirit of the Ronin is, it is best to read the whole series in order), Heermann mixes [action, history, and romance] together with a great deal of skill, giving us tense action scenes, extremely well-drawn characters, and an intelligently-handled touch of sorcery. Fantasy and action fans will be every bit as satisfied as fans of historical fiction." – Historical Novel Society

"If you watch Japanese movies or read Japanese literature, three of the most powerful forces in their culture are loyalty, duty and love. The way Heermann pits these forces against one another in the minds of the protagonists is masterful.... In Heermann's Japan, the spirits and gods interact with the world on a daily basis, making for a 'magic system' rarely seen in literature. If you want to read something with a Japanese flavor both accessible and unique, Spirit of the Ronin is as good as you will find.... My only regret was that the story ended." – New Myths

"A rich, engaging, morally complex historical fantasy, deeply embedded in Japanese culture.... Not for the faint of heart, Sword of the Ronin balances action with more intimate drama as both reader and hero question the way forward, and move through a landscape of war and legends to just the right moment of balance before the third volume." – E. C. Ambrose, author of Elisha Barber

"From the first sentence, Travis Heermann weaves a tale that sucked this reader into a rich Japanese tapestry full of ronin, samurai, and magic. It was hard to put this book down to sleep." – Patrick Hester, Hugo-Award-Winning
"Heermann takes everything I loved about Heart of the Ronin (adventure, intrigue, sympathetic characters), puts it in a pressure cooker and serves it with a side of Awesome. Sword of the Ronin is his best novel yet and won't disappoint." – Shaun Farrell, Adventures in SciFi Publishing

"Sword of the Ronin is a raw and energetic adventure that explores deep and eternal themes such as honor, love, and betrayal while maintaining a engaging, humorous, living world. It also has an awesome ronin hero who hacks lots of bad people to bits, if you’re into that sort of thing. Which you definitely should be." – Rich Wulf, author of The Heirs of Ash Trilogy

"Full of sword battles, intrigue, romance and fantastic elements blending well with historical ones, Heart of the Ronin is a very impressive opening in the Ronin Trilogy. It’s also a page turner that you can’t put down and will leave readers begging for more." – Fantasy Book Critic

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