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Kuko Alamala: Born in Newark, NJ to Puerto Rican Parents who separated when he was five, made for an interesting life to say the least. Usually when someone becomes a father at the age of 14 their options become very limited. This never stopped him from reaching for the stars and where he is today is a testament to that. His parents will tell you he's been singing since he was one, when he had his mother play "El Burito De Belen" a Puerto Rican children's song over and over for a few months and would sing it before he could properly speak. But it was not until the age of 13 that he realized he had a talent for writing poems, and converting them into songs. He would write Poems for all of his friends to give to their little girlfriends. As November 2016, he has recorded 5 albums and well over 50 songs from Latin to American Pop. Kuko Alamala writes, produces, composes, directs, edits and arranges. To add to his resume, he is now a self published author. In addition to all of his artistic endeavors, he is also an Enterprise IT Management professional for a Multi Billion Dollar Japanse Corporation.