Tracy Lawson : Spark: Careen's Prequel to the Resistance Series

Spark: Careen's Prequel to the Resistance Series

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Children & Teens, Mysteries & Thrillers

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Print Length

28 pages




DysCovered Publishing

Publication Date

November 8, 2016



About the Book   

Is it too much to want a fresh start? Though Careen Catecher survived a terrorist attack when she was nine, her childhood ended on that awful day. Now, nine years later, she’s ready for her life to truly begin.

A full scholarship to a prestigious university far from her beleaguered home quadrant seems like a dream come true, but when she arrives on campus, she’s perceived as a charity case, despite grades and test scores that prove she’s the academic equal of the best students there.

Careen knows she’s tough enough to survive just about anything, and fitting in with her acquisitive peers—at least on the surface—is necessary if she’s going to leave the past behind and claim the stable future she craves.

But her past won’t stay buried. She’s only been at school for a few weeks when a cryptic message from an unlikely friend raises questions that may put her in danger all over again.

Check out this novella-length prequel to the award-winning Resistance Series, “a promising new YA series about a totalitarian America.”

Editorial Reviews

There are plenty of dystopian YA series out there, but this one rises to the top, imo. The plot and the pacing are so well done that you're
immediately drawn in to the setting. Careen is a believable, strong
female protagonist who, having survived a harrowing terrorist attack, is
now trying to survive in a new "Quadrant" where she can't seem to fit

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