Tony Wong : Mooove Ahead! of the corporate herd

Mooove Ahead! of the corporate herd

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Just getting started in the corporate world? Or just stuck in the back of the corporate herd? Want to mooove ahead in the corporate herd, soooner? This book will help. Learn insights and tips from Managers; what they've learned and wish they had known soooner. Whether you're just starting out or at mid-career, MOOOVE AHEAD! shows you how to mooove up the herd....and do it soooner.

Nearly all the business self-improvement books are about developing strategies. They're directed at the CEO. But what about the people starting out in the corporate world or the 99% of working people trying to become a "C" level leader (CEO, CFO, CTO, COO)? Where is all the day-to-day advice to help the corporate masses learn about getting into a position to mooove ahead? Strangely there is little operational insight available for the corporate herd but they need it the most. You have to be promoted through many operational roles before reaching a "C" level position.

Tony Wong spent 27 years in management roles up to a Director level; a role that is still operational in nature yet high enough to learn what it takes to mooove ahead. Tony has put a wealth of insight, tips, advice, business sayings most people would spend years to learn. Now you don't have to wait years to learn or chance not learning at all. Everything in this book is very relevant today. You see and hear it in the corporate hallways every minute. Now you have an edge over your herdmates because you have a peek behind the corporate curtain.

Tony donates all proceeds to charity (kids, critters, and cancer). Helping young people succeed is a joy and the reward. Tip generously. Thanks in advance.

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