Tony Thorne MBE : The Singularity is Coming

The Singularity is Coming

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Technology, Science

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190 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1508506959



Publication Date

15 February 2015



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Artificial (General) Intelligence, or AGI will be with us soon and will change our way of life completely. It will follow on from the impressive Smart Devices we have today. Even more incredible developments are coming, and then more and more again, leading exponentially to computers with AGI, (Artificial General Intelligence). Robotic machines far more intelligent than we are, and able to do any jobs that humans can do… faster and better and for longer. Many experts believe they will also have awareness, and the ability to replicate and develop their “learning” software leading inevitably to ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence). The runaway consequences of that irreversible event will change our lives, dramatically and nothing will be the same again. Will we be ready for such a devastating situation? Can we prevent it happening? This easy to read book, explains what is about to occur and why. It also includes “For and Against” comments and arguments by experts in the field, plus sections describing the latest developments and speculations about what we will experience in the very near future, plus a comprehensive further reading list.

Editorial Reviews

I always enjoy a well-researched book, and the author has obviously done his research on this one. Ever since I read William Gibson’s Necromancer, I have had a fascination for computer AIs and this one covers the areas I have thought about and goes beyond. I often wonder what type of AI will appear first the benign or not so benign and the survivability of the human nature is linked to, and the book is easy to understand for the non-techies out there. The second part comprises linked sci-fi tales, an impressive idea, I like my sci-fi researched and I know this author has done his homework. - By Seonicked (Reviewer pen name)

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