Tom Ziebro : Building Wealth Through Income Streams: Mindset. Motivation. Mastery

Building Wealth Through Income Streams: Mindset. Motivation. Mastery

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Business, Self-Improvement

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Robert Kiyosaki , Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins

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83 pages


Total Life Publishing

Publication Date

April 15, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

People start off as small kids with big dreams. Years go by and they end up as big kids with small dreams. Slick marketing and get rich quick schemes rob them of their aspirations and the belief that they can create wealth. It doesn't seem possible to be wealthy...but it is.

See... There are no "secrets" to wealth or income streams. There are simple principles and laws that guide success and wealth. They aren't sexy or exciting so they get dressed up by clever marketers. The truth is that the income streams and wealth that you want to build can be created by learning the rules to the game, following the principles, and taking action. This powerful book by Tom Ziebro will teach you how you can master the passive income, earned income and long-term wealth game. It shares a vision and the path towards building wealth, financial freedom, and the enjoyment of your life. If you can grasp the philosophy and thinking behind this vision, you will be able to survive any economic situation and live without fear of what is happening in the economy. You will once again be able to dream big with the confidence and excitement of a child. In this book, you'll learn: WHY YOU MUST BUILD INCOME STREAMS WHY IT IS BETTER TO BE WEALTHY THAN RICH THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF INCOME STREAMS AND WHY THEY MATTER HOW TO DESIGN INCOME STREAMS BASED ON YOUR GOALS THE PRINCIPLES OF WEALTH AND INCOME STREAMS HOW TO HARNESS YOUR MIND TO MAKE MONEY EASILY Your dreams CAN become reality.

Editorial Reviews

"Tom takes the basics of income streams and wealth building and provides the tools, principles, and motivation to help the average person take his or her life from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Hal Elrod - #1 Bestselling Author of "The Miracle Morning”

“Building Wealth through Income Streams” is a great place to start. It breaks down the power that multiple streams of income can have in scripting your life and it shares how to begin. After spending the past twenty years dedicated to building passive income, it is my belief that it should be your main priority in order to live a life of freedom and abundance."

David Osborn - Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author of “Wealth Can't Wait”

"Start building wealth and the life of your dreams today by reading this book!"

Pat Hiban - New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of "6 Steps to 7 Figures"

“This book is great for the novice investor and employee minded person who wants to break over to the other side and start creating wealth.”

Rock Thomas - Entrepreneur, Coach and Author of "The Power of Your Identity”

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