Tom Willett : Van Gogh to Go, Volume 1: Art

Van Gogh to Go, Volume 1: Art

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ISBN 13: 978-0692213568


Alva Addison

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May 2015



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Volume 1 of the 3-volume series, featuring Van Gogh's most evocative quotes about beauty, art, nature, books, making a living and faith.

Van Gogh is widely recognized as one of the most influential artists of the modern era, his works now famously commanding prices in excess of $100 million USD. Less well known is that he was as talented a writer as he was a painter. Throughout his career, van Gogh wrote more than 800 letters detailing not only his creative processes, but his ongoing struggle to live life at the intersection of art, commerce and spirituality.

Series Editor, Tom Willett, recalls, “I first encountered the letters of Vincent van Gogh in the mid-‘80s at a screening of Paul Cox’s biopic, Vincent. Shot from van Gogh’s point-of-view and evocatively voiced by British actor John Hurt, the words of the

artist’s intimate letters to his brother, Theo, are heard as you encounter the scenes, landscapes and people which served as the inspiration for many of van Gogh’s greatest paintings.”

During the next three decades, Willett pored over the more than 850,000 words of Vincent’s letters, collecting his most aphoristic sayings and organizing them topically. Repeated themes which emerged include art, work, spirituality, nature, beauty, books, society, culture, money, perseverance and faith. “Although our lives are separated by 150 years,” muses Willett, “I am continually amazed at how apropos van Gogh’s insights are for anyone seeking to balance creativity, success and spirituality in their personal and business lives.”

Whether you’re an artist in need of inspiration, or simply a person looking for relief from the innumerable stressors of 21st century life, Van Gogh to Go offers practical advice for creative living.

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Editorial Reviews

“Artfully selected quotes and images.”
Gregory Wolfe, Editor, Image Journal

“Willett's careful curation of these incredible morsels is
clearly a labor of love.” John J.
Thompson, Jesus, Bread and Chocolate

“Endlessly rewarding. The color reproductions are beautiful,
and the accompanying insights from Van Gogh's letters are profound and
judiciously chosen.” Dr. Steven R. Guthrie, Creator Spirit:
The Holy Spirit and the Art of Becoming Human

“An intimate and
insightful look into the personal thoughts of one of humanity’s most noted
creative geniuses.” Dan Beck, Big Honcho Media, New York, NY

“Guaranteed to deepen your appreciation and understanding of
this wonderfully complex artist.” Havana Jack, Key West, FL

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