Tmonique Stephens : Evermore Descendants of Ra Book 3

Evermore Descendants of Ra Book 3

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Paranormal Romance, JR Ward, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole

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There is no such thing as a chance meeting.

There’s no room in Avery Nicolis’s life for an obsession, yet why else does he stalk Emeline Gamble. Lurking in the shadows, he hungers for a woman he can’t have. Between the secrets he guards and anarchy roiling in his soul, his only solace are his glimpses of Emeline. He will resist her, protect her from himself, and deny his desire to claim her heart.

Emeline Gamble was a Watcher for the Order—a secret society of women charged with monitoring the offspring of the gods. For months, she observed Avery Nicolis, an elite mercenary, Descendant of Ra, and enemy of the Order. Never knowing he had her in his crosshairs.

Trapped in a lie, Emeline is forced to accept Avery as her bodyguard. Compelled to spend time with him, she learns to care for his tortured soul and see the hero lurking beneath the assassin’s façade. But every word out of her mouth is a lie. Every action a betrayal. Because to save her family she is forced to accept a new assignment, deliver Avery Nicolis to the Goddess of Chaos, alive...

And do not fall in love with him.

Editorial Reviews

I am so in love with these books! My only complaint is that they are not longer and the next one is not out for a few more months! This isn't your typical PNR! These books have many different characters that make up the whole story. In this book we are finding out about Avery and Eme. Avery is a very complex guy and nobody is quite sure what he is, not even he knows. He ends up being a bodyguard to Eme when he thinks her life is in danger. Turns out she is more then she seems too. Eme worked for the Order and they want Avery. The Goddess of Chaos wants Avery for herself. When you throw in Eme's grandfather who has some pretty big secrets himself things start coming out that will have you (at least it did me) saying "wow, did that just happen?" There is much going on that you have no choice but to read every word or you might miss something important. Every time a bad guy gets the upper hand in something you find yourself holding your breath and cringing. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!

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