Tin Can Caldwell : A Sharp Pain In My Funnybone: Everyday Humor

A Sharp Pain In My Funnybone: Everyday Humor

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120 pages


Tincan Caldwell Studios

Publication Date

September 2013



About the Book    About the Author

Have you ever considered what a strange thing 5 Hour Energy Drink is? Well Tin Can Caldwell has, and he wrote 1000 words about it. It was exhausting. It was fortunate that he had 5 Hour Energy Drink to get him through. Skinny jeans are odd too ( you do not want to see Tin Can in them), and he has 1000 words about them too after he accidentally bought a pair. He also thinks the phenomenon of pajama jeans is weird, but his wife loves the pair he bought her for Christmas. There's 1000 words on that too. In fact, there are a lot of odd things in this world, and many of them are in this book. In over 30 essays, Caldwell will make you laugh out loud at some point. If you don't, write to him and he will send you some 5 Hour Energy Drink for your trouble.

Tin Can Caldwell (or Alex Caldwell as his driver's liscence says) has been writing funny columns from his home state of New Hampshire for over five years now, and A Sharp Pain In My Funnybone is his first collection of those columns. Subjects range from thoughts on 24 Hour Energy Drinks (here cast as an Ego Boost drink), the t.v. show American Idol, candy corn (truly an awful candy), his cat Diego who caught snakes and brought them into the house, and life with his lovely wife and two daughters. Funnybone is his third collection of essays and stories. He can be found at www.Tincancaldwell.com

Editorial Reviews

"This book is really, really, really funny. You should read it!" - India Caldwell, Second Grade

"Can we have ice cream now dad?" - Ireland Caldwell, Kindergarden

"Did you do the taxes yet dear?" - Julie Caldwell, Teacher

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