Tiffany R. Elder : Clumsy Cat

Clumsy Cat

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Children, Humor

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Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems, Simms Taback

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16 pages



Publication Date

Oct 24, 2015



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Who gets caught out there to be responsible to watch everyone’s wacky things involuntary? The Clumsy Cat – And he does it all while attempting to balance these awkward items on skates in this rhythmic tale. The old lady, the monkey, the cow and the bird drop off their quirky little things, and not so little things, with Clumsy for the day despite his refusal. Clumsy is challenged to balance things from a six-foot cake to a ball on his head but lacks confidence in accomplishing it. Will he come crashing down and let fear get the best of him? Or will he succeed even with his clumsiness? Only time will tell how Clumsy handles the obstacles that he may have regretted in the first place.

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