Thomas D. Zweifel : The Rabbi and the CEO

The Rabbi and the CEO

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August 2008



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Leadership is in crisis. In the rough seas of a borderless economy, the Internet, and outsourcing in turbulent markets, a seismic shift has changed the game. The days of the Great Man-whether a Churchill or Kennedy, even a Gates or Welch-are numbered. Virtually anyone can lead now. But how do you breed principled leaders for the twenty-first century? Is leadership a matter of DNA, culture, or coaching?The answer can be found in the 3,000-year-old tradition of Judaism. Jews are not called the People of the Book by accident. Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah hold a powerful amalgam of life-and-death leadership stories and astonishingly practical lessons for twenty-first-century managers. In a unique synergy, Dr. Thomas Zweifel, Swiss Consulting Group CEO, Columbia professor, and author of leadership books like Communicate or Die and Culture Clash, teams up with Rabbi Aaron Raskin, Jewish leader, mensch, and author of Letters of Light, to blend the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments with a cutting-edge methodology based on twenty-five years of coaching leaders-a mix that provides winning tools for lasting success.

Editorial Reviews

Finalist in the National Jewish Book Award "Modern Jewish Thought" category.

In an age where anything goes, and unfortunately almost anything does, it’s refreshing to rediscover a familiar anchor. The leadership wisdom contained here is timeless, powerful and actionable—just what you’d expect when you combine a Rabbi and a CEO!
—Scott A. Snook, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Harvard Business School

I have a pretty short attention span, but I couldn't put this book down. If you lead anything, do
yourself a favor: Get this book. It offers a kind of leadership power that is
all too often missing in boardrooms and that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Velshi, CNN senior business correspondent and host of Your $$$$$

The Rabbi and the CEO provides an
insightful “lighthouse” to navigate the dynamic world of leadership and
management in the 21st century. More than ever in today's challenging
environment, authentic leadership and a strong moral compass are paramount, and
this book provides strong insight and tools into these critical areas for

Martin Cross, CEO, Novartis-Australia

As leaders in business and in life, we need breakthroughs in how we think and act for the
uncharted territory of our future. This book provokes and inspires us to
build this leadership capacity in ourselves and others. Act now.

Griswold, Director Organizational Effectiveness, LifeScan, a Johnson &
Johnson company

The Rabbi and the CEO is engaging, packed with insights, rich in perspectives, and yes, wisdom. I recommend this volume to all those, both in the Jewish community and far beyond, who must lead today.

—Dr. John Ruskay, Executive Vice President and CEO, UJA

In The
Rabbi and the CEO, a highly creative application of the Ten Commandments,
Dr. Zweifel and Rabbi Raskin have a great deal to teach us and each other about
living both a godly life and, in every way, a successful one.

Joseph Telushkin, author of Jewish
Literacy and A Code of Jewish Ethics

This is powerful stuff. In turbulent times, more and more managers, in Japan and elsewhere, draw inspiration from the Bible. I have built my company
on these principles and tools. The Rabbi and the CEO makes the difference between a good company and a great company.

Uekusa, Chairman, Akebono Corporation, Japan

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel and Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, in a fascinating
collaboration, have created an important and uplifting book—a profound and
practical guide for both active and aspiring leaders. Based on the
timeless Ten Commandments, The Rabbi
and the CEO offers a timely model for leaders of the 21st Century.

Jacobson, author of Toward a Meaningful Life

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