Thomas D. Zweifel : Communicate or Die

Communicate or Die

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Jan 1, 2010



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Often leaders have a great vision,but don't know how to communicate their strategies and turn them into results. Just as often,a company's staff has insight and information that never makes its way to the top. In short, the difference between a goodcompany and a great one may lie in itsability to communicate-internally andexternally. In Communicate or Die, Dr. Zweifel shows you how to achievebreakthrough performance simply by changing the way you speak and listen.Learn how to:.Become a master communicator whoinspires others..Harness the power of your speaking andlistening to shape reality..Avoid communication disasters of firmslike Bridgestone, AOL, Intel, and others..Climb the K2 of Listening-develop andsustain the Seven Listening Levels..Avoid the Four Deadly Sins of Speakingand minimize clutter in your language.

Editorial Reviews

Dr. Zweifel's simple and direct description of communication, listening and speaking makes his teachings easy and exciting to put into action.The book has already helped me understand the kinds of communication that are going on, and it's been an effective guide for how to best participate, lead and get results. I can now watch the tenor, pace and subject matter of conversations so clearly, it has become a pure joy, and I see myself getting the results I want out of my communications.I've already put these teachings into practice and find myself well equipped to take stock of even very difficult situations. If I can't solve the issues, then at least I can help create an opening for positive, constructive talk.I will keep this book and its ideas close to me for the long haul. Judd Maltin, Dell

We purchased 165 copies of this book as our Holiday gift for clients (family and firends get them also!)at the end of 2003. We have been meeting with most of these clients since then and many more have read and are working with the listening skills in this book. More so than most books we have purchased for them to read in hte past! It is a quick read with practical recommendations on improving skills coupled with stories of why speaking, and more importantly, great listening skills are cirtical for leaders ... leaders in business, community leaders and in leaders in familes ... actually for effective leadership in each of our own lives. It applies to everyone! Suzanne Frindt, 2130 Partners
Outstanding reading and fed an action plan presently being undertaken by two companies and its key personel.So many factors were brought to the surface simply from reading this remarkable book. Was hard to believe that a book got us in order and centred us on smarter thinking and relationship building. Cheap investment I say. Glenn Hankinson, Group

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