The Starlight City Project : R:ILPERSONA Volume 1: Identity Negotiation

R:ILPERSONA Volume 1: Identity Negotiation

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Starlight City Entertainment

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January 2016



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Collecting the action packed opening story arc of the quickly growing weekly webcomic series published on !

Awakening in the war ravaged era of Post Cataclysm Year: 693, an enigmatic and powerful young man known only as Rade finds himself lying face to face with a woman that has been brutally murdered. With no recollection of his past or even his own name, Rade must quickly come to terms with the mysterious circumstances surrounding his memory loss and the peculiar woman’s demise, as he is immediately thrust into a series of violent confrontations that will put his extraordinary abilities to the test. As the saga of R:ILPERSONA begins to unfold, what will Rade find lurking beneath the mask of amnesia that conceals his true self: An innocent person, unwillingly thrown into a maelstrom of madness?

Or a monster, that…

Editorial Reviews

"It's Pretty Unforgettable!" -Pipedream Comics

"The writing in this book is great, mixing good storytelling with awesome humor; it feels like FLCL and Paranoia Agent with sprinklings of Samurai Champloo. There's no denying the very Western feel of everything, and it makes for an interesting perspective on the classical manga-style storytelling." -Fanbase Press

"Without a doubt, R: IL Persona is one of the best manga I’ve read since the great Japanese comics of the 90’s and early 2000’s." -Comic Bastards

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