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Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Paulo Coelho, Poetry, Poems

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“Story without boundaries. Characters without names. Words working together on two separate planes... Intricate mystery waiting to be solved. Not a single detail remains left untold.”

The story of “Details” follows a young man who feels lost in the world, without purpose. One morning a stranger approaches him and gives him a peculiar object, a coin with an engraved image of an owl. Highly intrigued, the young man sets out to find the coin's origin and meaning. The journey takes him down a winding road of life, riddled with unexpected occurrences and endless possibilities. It opens his mind to a whole new world, a world that doesn't follow the common laws of nature. It is a world of freedom! Freedom to dream. Freedom to believe in the unbelievable. Freedom to achieve the unachievable...

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