Terrance Grace : The Locksmith #1 (excerpt)

The Locksmith #1 (excerpt)

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44 pages




Buddha's Uncle

Publication Date

January 2015



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17 page preview edition - the full issue is 44 pages.


NOIR meets SCI-FI and FANTASY in this 5 issue graphic novel series: A cop becomes GUARDIAN of a gateway to the beginning and END of the universe. Each issue is 44 pages of amazing art by Eagle Award wining artist, Silvio dB.

Issue #3 will be shipping in July 2017!

website: https://thelocksmith.me

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelocksmithcomic/

twitter: https://twitter.com/buddhasuncle

written, designed and lettered by: Terrance Grace

art: Silvio dB

There is a room inside an old tenement building in the Bronx. Inside the room is a doorway that leads to another dimension where past, present and future exist simultaneously. This gateway must remain protected — by the Locksmith. The problem: Santiago, the Locksmith, has died. The power is unleashed. What was once dead, seeks life. And that is just the beginning… And possibly end of the world — And the universe.

While investigating the sudden and inexplicable murder of his own brother, Detective Mick Fagan uncovers a strange series of events, all leading back to the Bronx apartment. He soon becomes convinced that he too is somehow part of this mystery, and joins forces with Santiago’s family in trying to contain what lurks beyond the doorway. A secret organization manages the hundreds of doorways around the world. But this one is different. What was once just the spirit of the undead seeking life, is now a power growing beyond what they have seen before.

The room is now at the center of an ever-growing black hole of time, sweeping all that has ever existed, away. Fagan now knows that he alone holds the key to the doorway… And that key is something that happened to him as a child: His mother’s suicide.

In an amazing journey back through a jungle of pre-history – Fagan is witness to his own death and rebirth within the evolution of the universe. He revisits the guilty demon inside, unlocking himself from the past… Saving the universe from certain destruction – And becoming the new Locksmith.

Editorial Reviews

Part sci-fi, part pulp noir, The Locksmith bristles with gritty drama, replete with hard-boiled cops, long-simmering sibling rivalry, and an ancient mystery swirling around a city that may not be the same when the sun rises the next morning. The Locksmith moves with a steady, solid, and sometimes disturbing momentum. At times feeling like a well-turned X-Files episode, the first issue lays out a number of delicious mysteries, while simultaneously managing to raise the stakes with every new development. When Grace says he approached the tale “as if Raymond Chandler had written 2001: A Space Odyssey,” you can see the influences of both styles, while Grace ably manages to make the hybrid style his own. And, while noir is traditionally a genre of darkness, Grace manages to drag the dread out into the sunlight, and with the aid of Silvio DB’s deft artwork, still manages to make the open city in daytime still have an oppressive weight to it. Even daylight manages to exact a toll on the inhabitants of this tale. [Fanbase Press]

The first book is a solid introduction to the world and the main protagonist, Mick Fagan... Grace gives us a little glimpse of the world and a taste of the mystery before he introduces us to Mick... The noir style fits well within Mick’s world and the hints to the supernatural are not over the top and left me wanting to see more. It’s a slow burn that gradually gets hotter as I went from issue one to two. It’s a lovely writing style and story that kept me intrigued from start to finish. [Comic Booked]

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