Teresa Blondo : Anchored: Pressing On by Pressing Into the Savior

Anchored: Pressing On by Pressing Into the Savior

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April 1, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

For thirteen years, Teresa spent her Sundays in church pews. She joined small group after small group and moved from church to church, but it didn’t bring her peace. She was pursuing social acceptance and friendship rather than pursuing God. Have you ever felt like you were trying to find spiritual fulfillment in people rather than Christ? Or maybe you have found yourself thanking God for His provision one day and forgetting it the next. In her book, Anchored to Christ: Pressing on by Pressing into the Savior, author Teresa Blondo shares her story of fitting in and facing hardships, and how God used these times in her life to draw her to real discipleship. You will find comfort in her honesty about her “patterns of forgetfulness” and her struggles with finding satisfaction in Jesus. Anchored reflects a portion of Teresa's part in God's greater story. In studying the Old Testament story of God leading His people out of slavery and bondage in Egypt, she began to draw some comparisons between her life over the last several years and the lives of the Israelites in the wilderness. Like them, she had forged a pattern of forgetfulness. God would provide. Teresa would forget. God would provide again. Teresa would complain and grumble, forgetting God once more. In drawing comparisons with the hardened heart of Pharaoh, she reflects on her life before Christ, and her own hardened heart. This is a story about God restoring and reconciling, teaching and disciplining, and providing over and over. It is about Teresa's life in the church before and after Christ saved her. It is about learning to take hold of your own discipleship and rejoicing in God amid trials. It is about the peace within that can only come from Christ. It is about being pursued by the Creator of the universe. It is about the patience of a faithful God, who alone can heal our faithlessness. You will find hope, encouragement, and helpful advice as you learn to take hold and press into the Savior.

Editorial Reviews

"My friend Teresa has compellingly shared her story, of which she knows
she is not the hero. Jesus is. From start to finish, she makes a big
deal about Him to help us all remember that the world's
do-it-yourself enterprise is no match for His it-is-done gospel. So
get this book, find a comfortable chair, put on a pot of coffee, and
dig in. You'll come away with a renewed sense of what it means to be
anchored to Christ." —Tyler
Greene, Associate
Pastor of Worship Ministries, LifePoint
Church, Ozark, Missouri

tells the beautiful tale of God's undeniable grace and unconditional
love drawing us from fear to faith. Using His people and her
circumstances, I praise God for His majestic work in and now through
Teresa. May many more of us learn to quit nibbling "bit by bit"
on His grace and be overwhelmed by it's overwhelming sufficiency.” —Seth
Shelton, Pastor, The
Way Faith Community, Springfield,

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